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Meet Our Staff

Alysia Fornal, Interim Executive Director

Alysia has served in a variety of positions at Stepping Stones beginning in August 2011. She has enjoyed the dynamic roles of Independent Living Coach, Program Coordinator, Development Coordinator, and now Interim Executive Director. Stepping Stones has had her heart over the years not only due to the resilient youth and strong programming we have, but the exceptional program environment. Stepping Stones as an agency fosters honesty and transparency, which allows staff to deliver exceptional services.


Melanie Vehslage, Resident Assistant

Melanie graduated from the IU School of Public Health with a degree in Community Health and a minor in Environmental Science and Health in 2011. She has experience in research and case management at a local mental health center and has acted as an advisor and residential support for young adults with learning differences in the past. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, playing board games and reading.

Mersades Clouse, Independent Living Coach

Mersades earned her BSW at IU. She started out at Stepping Stones as an intern, and is now an Independent Living Coach.


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