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Our History 

As a former foster parent, Sheri Benham was all too familiar with the hardships that often befall troubled youth. The hardships she encountered ranged from substance abuse to homelessness and, more often than not, had grave effects on the individual’s schoolwork, health, and future. She realized that many youth were “falling through the cracks” and were not being provided with adequate support. Sheri founded Stepping Stones to fill this void in the community. She hoped to create a community where the notion of “care” would be limitless—where residents voluntarily entered the program to learn, grow, and work to better themselves. This would be a place where at-risk youth could find stable housing and lasting support. Stepping Stones was created in this image and has since serves x at-risk youth in the Indiana community.

  • July 2004 | Stepping Stones incorporated.

  • January 2005 | Stepping Stones Pilot Program launched. 

  • August 2005 | Stepping Stones opens 

  • August 2005 | Stepping Stones awarded the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grant Receiving the HUD grant allowed Stepping Stones to move into four apartments located near College Mall. At this time, three apartments were used to house six residents. Stepping Stones also had a fourth apartment that served as a Community Center, Resident Assistant's apartment, and administrative offices. 

  • March 2005 | First residents become part of program By the end of 2005, Stepping Stones had housed 10 youth 

  • 2006 | Stepping Stones expands supportive services. These supportive services include the Apprentice Program and weekly tutoring by School of Education 

  • 2007 | Emphasis on Education All of Stepping Stones residents attended high school or GED classes while participating in the program 

  • 2007 | Stepping Stones hired full-time office administrator Warren Wade joins the Stepping Stones family 

  • 2008 | Stepping Stones separates from the Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County and becomes independent agency

  • 2008 | Stepping Stones expands programs Expanded programs include Awareness and Alternatives Program and Be Healthy and Fit. 

  • 2009 | Stepping Stones adds an apartment to house RA The added spaced allowed for more communal space for both residents and staff. This also allowed Stepping Stones to hire an additional RA to better serve the residents 

  • December 2009 | Stepping Stones added a seventh bed, The addition of the seventh bed began the first step of Stepping Stones expansion plans 

  • Beginning 2011 | SS staff to resident ration 1:1 | 100% either graduated high school or were working toward completing their degree 

  • 2013 | 9 available beds to youth experiencing homelessness 



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